That’s right, I’ve done it again!  Well, not really again, whatever…  I want to write about my newest program.

It’s called media-mouse.  I created it because I like to have my music on while I’m up and about my room, but I don’t always like what’s playing.  Since I’m poor and can’t afford a remote, nor do I want to dick around with LIRC, I decided to adapt my wireless mouse to do the job.  What my program does is take over the entire screen (so it always gets your mouse clicks) and allows you to use your (wireless) mouse like a remote control. When you press right mouse, your media player (assuming it’s either Amarok 1.4 or Banshee) skips ahead one track, left mouse goes back a track, the mouse wheel controls the volume, clicking the mouse wheel plays/pauses, and escape quits my God-Forsaken program.

Screenshot of media-mouse

Screenshot of media-mouse

Ugly, isn’t it? It’s functional though…

I plan to add a nice little display that shows the current track, album art, and artist, I’ll probably just rip off what banshee has done, it looks presentable (In fact my original plan was to somehow just use banshee’s “now playing” screen, but being media player independent is rather desirable). The other feature I plan to add is media player detection. Right now you’re required to specify the media player to use on the command line. I could fairly easily detect what media player(s?) are open and allow the user to choose if there are multiple players open.


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