CPyExt Tie-Ins

In order to get NumPy to build against PyPy I’ve had to make numerous changes to the CPyExt module, many of them ugly.

It’s also become apparent that Cython and NumPy both depend directly on CPython, and as such they touch structures that they shouldn’t (as dictated by the C API) and will have to be modified. Unfortunately, not everything NumPy does appears possible through the C API and therefore extensions to the C API may be necessary, I’ll need further guidance on this, but I think it’s likely that I will add PyPy*() functions which may then be proposed for CPython (at which point they’d be renamed to Py*()). The only problem with that is the possibility that these functions would become relied upon with their PyPy*() name, which would create another problem. Of course, that’s still the right way to go, as it’s not guaranteed that any extensions to the API will be accepted by the CPython folks, especially not in their originally proposed forms.

I have to apologize, this past week was my finals week, so I didn’t really accomplish much during the first week of the GSoC, but starting today I’m getting going.


CPyExt Tie-Ins

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