To start, there was a question where my progress could be followed. There are several, unique projects which affect my ultimate goal, and each one is going to be hosted accordingly. There’s nothing interesting there right now but a woefully out of sync trunk and some basic array code (hey, it works though). but modifications to PyPy will live at is the url, to browse the source you can navigate a browser to My modifications to NumPy will live here though the trivial changes are already in trunk (Changeset #8448 and Changeset #8418). I will have a few changes for Cython by the time the summer is through, but for the moment I may mostly ignore the mtrand.c file which has alot of problems for non-CPython implementations.

As far as plans go, it’s been decided that this week I should finish up my NumPy compatibility work as fast as possible, I am quite close, though I noticed I had some other hackish things I did to get it to build, which I need to fix. After that it will be time to port micronumpy to lltype arrays, which are PyPy’s way of creating raw arrays/buffers. Without this, the lists used in the current implementation can be moved by the garbage collector (a very useful thing). However, normal C code does not have any method for dealing with moving objects, and so in order to interact with NumPy’s C code, we need to migrate to lltype arrays.


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