The day of Reckoning(Midterm Evaluations) is upon us!

As evidenced by my previous blog posts, I’m not particularly happy with my own progress. Hopefully my recent progress will be sufficient to appease the Google gods. (Maybe with some benchmarks too)

I can report that I’ve completed quite a bit since my last blog post, for instance I implemented a toy micronumpy array implementation using lltype.Array and have now grown it into a “full” implementation. I hope that my approach will work well with the JIT, simple element lookups are a couple of dynamic dispatches away (which is a little less than ideal in my opinion) but it should JIT well since the JIT will remove the overhead of those calls.

Unfortunately, this implementation isn’t re-using much of the original code, considering that the core storage of the array is being altered, not a whole lot of the original code is proving useful, but I will be attempting to re-use as much as possible (if for no other reason than not having to reconsider all of the math). I currently have one of our original tests passing now, which is better than nothing, but not particularly satisfying…

I’ve had to deal with alot of bugs in PyPy’s CPyExt CPython extension compatibility layer, which is certainly what slowed progress the most. The time spent on that was almost entirely unexpected, and represents the biggest setback (other than family obligations…)

Trying to keep this short so that I can get back to work, I want to have some benchmarks before evaluations are over to justify my existence 🙂

The day of Reckoning(Midterm Evaluations) is upon us!

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