Moving On

A little about my life, just for a second, I’ve come down with some sort of sickness, which sucks. And I’ll be gone the 23rd through the 25th on a camping trip

On a more technical note, I was struggling a little bit with NumPy’s handling of Fortran ordered arrays conceptually, so my stride_column code didn’t seem to work right, but I think I’ve fixed it now. It looks like the “right” thing to do, however, is going to be to precompute the strides of an array at creation time, that should provide a pretty significant speed boost for multi-dimensional indexing. (NumPy has always been doing this, I haven’t)

I want to keep pushing on NumPy on PyPy, but I haven’t made any progress since my last blog post, that’s a very important part of my GSoC project though, so it must get done.

I’ll be updating this post later, for now I want to get some work done.


Moving On

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