Camping and NumPy


So I’ve been back from camping for around a week, and it definitely derailed my train of thought… Subsequently, I went to Reno, Nevada with my girlfriend to meet up with one of her friends. We stayed at a casino in a nice room for 30 USD which is pretty awesome. But enough about me…

I’m starting to worry a bit about my progress, the past two trips have put me behind (I’ve only been gone a cumulative five days, but the interim days were mostly unproductive as well. I tend to code straight through the night if I’m on a roll, because even the eight hours I would sleep might throw off my current train of thought, so this traveling has been unhelpful)


What I have been working on, is advanced array indexing in micronumpy. I’ve pretty much broken indexing for the moment, but out of this should come slicing and ellipses support, because we don’t all use simple indexing. I’m afraid that with this significantly more complicated indexing scheme, is going to come alot of overhead, so it may set back performance, we’ll see. I’ve tried my best to put the common case first (single dimensional index handled first, then simple multi-dimensional indices). I’m actually not sure how much PyPy will be able to optimize out via JIT compilation, since dynamic types become static for the JIT’s purposes. I may find that the extra complexity is irrelevant to the JIT-ed code.

There’s more to say, but I should get back to work 🙂

That’s all for the moment.

Camping and NumPy

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