The End is Nigh!


We’re already past the suggested pencils down date for the Google Summer of Code, and I’m certainly paying my penance for my previous sloth. Just last night I got the test suite passing again, after several hours of hacking. Advanced indexing is nearly done, which is wonderful. I currently have one slice-related issue, which I’ll hopefully be resolving in the next couple of hours.

The Next Week

As soon as I have this indexing done, it’ll be time to optimize. Maciej was kind enough to show me how to get tracing information, so that I can produce the most JIT friendly code I can. I probably will spend the next five days working on tuning that. The original goal, of course, was to be near Cython speeds using the JIT, and we were nowhere near that on the first pass (though twice as fast as CPython and normal NumPy). Unfortunately, with the addition of the advanced slicing, I may have made Cython speeds harder to achieve. Hopefully the JIT will be ok with my first pass with slicing, however I’m prepared to revert to “dumb slicing” for the end of the GSoC and resume advanced indexing support after it is over. I’d feel bad about that though, as that’s been my major stumbling block these past weeks. In the next few hours I need to make sure everything translates so that I have something to show to Stéfan tonight.


My biggest regret from the summer of code, is that I haven’t succeeded in porting NumPy to PyPy. This is something I hope to address in my free time this coming semester. This will require extensive work on CPyExt which is a complicated beast.

Additionally, I want to make sure that micronumpy is as useful as it can be, and that’s something that should be pretty easily accomplished in my free time. This will include implementing basic math operations, and some ufuncs. I may make a first pass at everything with naïve implementations written in applevel Python, then progressively optimize things. Depending on the progress for the refactoring of NumPy, I might be able to plug in some NumPy code for fast implementations of some things which would be great.

Back to work with me,
The End is Nigh!

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