Pythonic Pumpkin Carvings

PyPy and the JVM

I admit I’ve been lazy lately, but I have been working on a few things, the most interesting of which, is translating PyPy to JVM. Antonio Cuni did a lot of work getting PyPy to translate to the .NET platform, and to allow JIT generation for that platform. As a mixed blessing, his code has remained in a branch that is massively out of sync with trunk (here). The good news is this allowed me to very quickly revive JVM support in his branch, the patch is somewhere on, I’ll track it down later. Antonio expressed to me that he would like to port his changes by hand to trunk, rather than attempting any sort of merge. Because of that, I’ve focused my attention on trunk (here). The PyPy translator is extremely powerful, and consequently, extremely complex. I feel I’ve wrapped my head around a significant portion of it, and I was able to address one major issue preventing translating trunk to .NET and the JVM. There’s plenty more to go, but I’m still working.


I’ve slowed down a lot, but I recently added the support code for array broadcasting, which is essential for proper handling of arrays, after that, there should be a solid enough foundation to implement most of NumPy in pure python on top of micronumpy arrays, and through profiling, implement some in RPython. I may try my hand at improving performance before I finish broadcasting support, I’m not sure.

All Hallows Eve

My pumpkin with the Python logo

Not that this excuses my sloth, but here’s what I carved today :-). I’d never tried to carve a pumpkin to be semi-transparent before, but it turned out quite well actually, better than my pumpkins usually do…

Pythonic Pumpkin Carvings

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