My name is Daniel Roberts, I’m a student at San Francisco State University finally finishing my degree in computer science. I’m interested in a huge variety of subjects. I’m interested in virtual machine development and programming languages particularly the Python programming language and the PyPy implementation of Python. On the other end of the spectrum I’m also very interested in hardware hacking, embedded development, robotics, computer vision, and 3d printing with my scratch-built Prusa i3 RepRap. I’ve recently become interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, particularly the Namecoin decentralized, censorship resistant, Key-Value store. Finally I do have an interest in video games and game development, especially 3d graphics, though I rarely indulge those interests. You can find some of my work in the following places:

  • PyPy
  • My Github
  • My Deviantart If I feel brave enough I may begin posting examples of my exercises as I try to develop some basic illustration skills. For now it’s essentially empty.
  • My Bitbucket (I haven’t felt particularly compelled to host code there except on one occasion, I’m only including it for completeness, and on the off chance I ever host something there but not on Github)

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